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Home Study: Vocational Training for Farming Equipment Repair

SSave downtime and money in repairing your farming equipment.
Build your own heavy duty hydraulic equipment for onsite repairs.
Our book, videos and blueprints will teach you
precision line boring and end boring.

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Hydraulic line boring 988 cat loader

The Line Boring Book with a set of 50 blueprints and instructional videos tells you where to purchase the parts and how to build and set up this powerful and versatile hydraulic boring machine (only 6 inches wide). Chip removal of up to half an inch per side is due to the innovation, rigidity and versaltility of hydraulic power. Your skilled welders and mechanics can follow this course and become efficient in repairing your farming equipment with minimal downtime.

The Line Boring Vocational Training Course

The Line Boring Book, Blueprints and DVD Video Series
The only place on the web that teaches everything you need to know
about Line Boring for repairing your mining equipment.

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A difficult setup—one of many—made easy with instructions detailed in
The Line Boring Book
with a set of 50 blueprints and instructional videos

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This 6 inch wide hydraulic drive unit can be mounted wherever it is
convenient on the boring bar and adds rigidity and stability to any setup.
It is very adaptable — especially for vertical line boring.

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This portable hydraulic power supply unit has 18 horsepower but from 10-25 HP can be used, depending on ultimate usage and need. Blueprints for this system are detailed in the 50 Blueprint Set that comes with The Line Boring Book. This hydraulic power supply unit can be purchased from an American manufacturer at a price of around $6500 or follow the blueprints and build your own for about half that price.

This pumping system remains in the truck parked 100 feet away from the actual work being done—for onsite farming equipment repair.

This self teaching course will pay for itself in one or two days of line-boring labor and will save you tens of thousands of dollars if you build your own heavy-duty line boring machines and tooling.

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